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"The Gift of Mobility is the

Gift of Life"


 Eddie's Wheels 

140 State Street, Shelburne Falls, MA, U.S.A. 01370

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Eddie's Wheels for Pets 

"The gift of mobility is the gift of life." Over the past 20 years, Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been the caregivers of seven disabled dogs, including 3 Dobermans, a dachshund, two pitbulls and two chi-weiners born with no front legs. These dogs are home at Eddie's Wheels where daily life brings helpful Product and Development ideas to the team.  This hands-on experience makes coping with mobility challenged dogs, Priceless!

Small to Large and Giant breeds too, special considerations are made for each pet's unique disability and anatomy A mechanical engineer by trade, Eddie Grinnell, brings a lifetime of experience to his work, incorporating the highest engineering standards. The Eddie's Wheels Team provides the best mobility carts in the industry!

130lb Brazilian Mastiff, Caine, is a part of Eddie's Wheels  P&D Team to Design the Step-In-Saddle!

Caine was acutely paralyzed due to post surgical complications in the removal of a benign spinal tumor initially diagnosed at 8 mos oldUnable to meet his strength-to-growth demands, Canine struggled to find normal posture.  Eddie's Wheels Mobility Cart enabled him success.  His wheels allowed him to live and play happily with his paw-pack another 5 years! 

A Healthy Lifestyle for this Giant Breed Thanks to Eddie's Wheels      



At My Pet's Brace we have a passion for Helping Pets Live Happier Lives. We express this through innovative design and fabrication of custom leg braces, prosthetics and orthopedic devices for dogs and other animals. Starting with a thorough clinical evaluation, our services are delivered in a compassionate and professional manner.

We promise that working with us will be a no-hassle, efficient and enjoyable experience and that the clinical outcomes for our patients will be higher activity levels, improved mobility and greater wellbeing.

We strongly believe that the most successful results for our patients are the product of a team effort among the pet's family, veterinarian, animal rehabilitation professional and our My Pet's Brace practitioners. We support all of the team members for as long as we are needed.

Join our team and let us design and build a top-quality, custom-made leg brace, prosthesis or other orthopedic device for your animal.

My Pet's Brace
3505 East Main Street
P.O. Box 133
Morgantown, PA 19543
Telephone: (610) 286-0018
Fax: (610) 286-0021

 Fit Paws

Ball Dynamics International, LLC is located in beautiful Longmont, Colorado.

In 2011, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as one of the largest exercise ball distributors to North America's professional fitness and rehab markets. Our FitBALL brand, is one of the most respected brands in the professional market and can be found at fitness clubs, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, chiropractic offices and schools through-out North America.

In 2010, we launched the FitPAWS brand specifically designed for the canine market after we discovered that many dog trainers and canine rehab professionals were using our FitBALL products to condition and rehab dogs. But, since dogs are different from humans, we researched and developed a new product line specifically for canines. The professional-grade heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs, provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails.

  We Love To Help!

Customer Service is one of our specialities! If you can't find what you're looking for,
or need assistance making the right choice for your dog, please give us a call:

Ball Dynamics International, LLC
14215 Mead Street
Longmont, CO 80504                                                                                           TF +1 800.752.2255
FX +1 877.223.2962                                                                      Monday-Friday,
6:00am-5:30pm MST
(8:00am-3:30pm EST)


Respond Systems Inc.

Respond Systems, Inc. is a private corporation founded in 1986 to meet the needs of veterinarians and trainers who desired a modality that would provide faster healing and better methods to reduce painful conditions. The first adopters of laser therapy and PEMF therapy were owners and trainers of Olympic level horses, and Veterinarians with an interest in holistic healing.

Since our founding, we have collaborated with our clients to develop state of the art veterinary therapy systems to provide cutting edge technology that can be used for many small animal and equine indications. The equipment pays for itself many times over because of its wide range of uses and dependable construction which leads to a long life span. Small animal Veterinary Practices, now our largest group of customers, provide ongoing consultation about treatment protocols and current problems, allowing us to anticipate how new technology might be built into therapy systems to meet their future needs.

Respond Systems, Inc.
20 Baldwin Drive
Branford, CT 06405                                                                    
Toll Free: 800-722-1228
Ph: 203-481-2810
Fax: 203-481-2456