Change your Range has been successfully offering online video consults world-wide since 2013.  The purpose is to reach patients/clients in the comfort of their homes helping to establish home therapy programs.  I have found these consults to help many especially large breeds and geriatric senior dogs who find traveling stressful and easily fatigue.  Affordable options for pet owners where they can focus their expenses on what they can provide for their pet to improve strengthening from the home, making attainable goals everyday, while enhancing movements Making Every Step Count!    

I enjoy working with other therapists on difficult cases where a 2nd opinion is helpful. 

I enjoy working with veterinary offices and their rehabilitation staff to help learn more about how to use the Therapy Equipment offering suggestions that may help their present and future cases. 



I want to say "Thank you"!  You are truly a Godsend who is giving us a gift of time and hope with our dear Nuhnuuk!  I do not think, (given the situation we faced) that we would be here today, with Nuhnuuk, if it were not for your time teaching and guiding us through this difficult time.  Aside from the standard ROM and stretching exercises that we had been doing before we were in contact with you, the "tricks" (as I call them) or prescription exercises and stretches that you have taught us and guided us through for Nuhnuuk, speak directly to what his body needs given the unique set of circumstances that he is recovering from.  It is not only obvious that you have a strong educational background, and a wealth of  experience and knowledge with canine rehab, but also, you seem to have a special gift for discerning what may be the underlying issues.  I'm still amazed at your ability to sense that Nuhnuuk's thyroid was low based on your virtual observations of Nuhnuuk even though he did not present as a classic low thyroid patient.  At your suggestion, we had his blood levels checked and sure enough, just as you sensed, Nuhnuuk's veterinarian prescribed the low thyroid medication at the same dose you suggested to jump start him just as you had reviewed with us.  Now, I am happy to report back to you, that after two weeks, yesterday, the veterinarian commented on the improvements Nuhnuuk has made, and that we all notice as well.   

At first, I was skeptical as to how well virtual canine rehab would be.  You have proven, that whether it is virtual or in person, it makes no difference.  The difference is in the professional.  I am so grateful that Eddie Wheels had recommended you! You are a professional that is outstanding, not only in your abilities as a physical therapist, but also the caring heart you have for your patients!  I'm grateful to see Nuhnuuk smile, which he does when he hears your voice (he knows a good active time is ahead).  

Thank you,

Jamie, Diann, and Nuhnuuk (and I must include Nuhnuuk's team who are helping him through recovery as they often comment on helpful you are).