Erika R. McElwey, EqCnTPM has been a pioneer in the Animal Rehabilitation field for the last 25 years.  Erika certified in Equine and Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy in 1999 after an intensive year long training course at Equi~Myo Training Program in North Granby, Connecticut.  In August of 1999 she was certified to Teach this intense therapy program for Equine and Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy.  This Certification was given by Margie Amster-Herr the founder and director of the program.  Erika taught along side of Margie for two years before completing the Rider Therapy Course, through Equi~Myo, in 2001. The Rider Therapy program added to any of her Equine therapy programs help to recognize perpetuating influences from the rider/handler that reflect through the equines body and movement. In addressing the rider's imbalances hastens the recovery/strengthening process.  For the past several years She has worked with Eddie's Wheels to create protocols for land-based neurologic rehab, giving hope and successful outcomes to paralyzed pets and their owners. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Animal Science/Pre Veterinary Studies in 2002, while working as a veterinary assistant for a local veterinary practice from 2001-2004. She had also been affiliated with River Meadow Farm working with Dr. Michael W. Stewart, DVM from 2001-2008.  River Meadow Farm (RMF) is a state-of-the-art facility that offered equine and canine rehabilitation services for injury, surgery and neurological rehabilitation, athletic fitness, athletic improvement and specialized lameness evaluation.  

Working with Dr. Stewart, developing our Vet-Therapist Rehab Team, has been the best experience that anyone in this field could imagine.  These years helped my approach and build my expertise in the rehabilitation field.  Time at RMF was the lift-off to my success in critiquing many levels of dysfunction and finding therapeutic programs that work!  Benefiting many cases, pre-therapy, appeared to, many...that only a miracle could answer! 

Those customers of Eddie's Wheels who have been fortunate to have had the benefit of Erika McElwey's input about the care and rehab of their pets know how special she is.  For the past several years, Erika's been providing her insight, expertise and magic hands to our clients who come here on Saturdays for cart fittings. She has worked with Eddie's Wheels to create protocols for land-based neurologic rehab working with other Veterinarians & Canine Practitioners aiding their success with the Adjustable Therapy Stand.   
Having worked collaboratively with Dr. Mike Stewart at Rivermeadow Farm Rehab Center during the earliest days of the animal rehabilitation, Erika had the benefit of apprenticing with a veterinarian.  As a result, she takes into account all the factors that might contribute to disability such as metabolic imbalance, tick borne diseases, orthopedic injuries and neurologic diseases.  She works  with veterinarians to uncover the root causes of disability and lameness. 
She has also developed her own protocols for rehabilitating and strengthening pets - using her skills as a trigger point myotherapist along with the tools of her trade, laser, water therapy, and land treadmill to stimulate reflexes to regain a normal gait pattern.   
Erika is committed to making animal rehab affordable, accessible and successful. I have no reservations in recommending her as a therapist, dog care expert and hospice provider.  The services she offers cannot be found anywhere else in New England!
Leslie and Eddie Grinnell
Eddie's Wheels Inc.

Definitely not a 'miracle-worker', as some would say, but rather finding ability in every inability!

She greatly enjoys this rewarding career as she continues to offer the best in care and expertise to the animals in/out of her home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. "Change your Range" is her home grown business where she works with the animals through their owner's perspective in relieving muscle stiffness, soreness and lameness; through muscle enhancement techniques, muscular strength building and maintenance programs.  Her recovery programs are designed individually to meet the needs of each animal to maximize their performance.  Erika values the benefits of Hydrotherapy and incorporates this aquatic exercise into her therapy programs whenever possible. She understands that correct posture and movement is the foundation necessary for proper strength maintenance. Whether competing on a national level or simply your pet friend/companion, they should be performing at their best, comfortably! 

- Erika not only works locally to her home office in Holyoke, Massachusetts

- Online Consults where she can help her clients virtually World-Wide.

Erika also is very much involved in the care and boarding for her client's K-9 companions where providing care and services for handicap/disabled canines too is a specialty! 

"A passion for animals my entire life, A special thanks to the animals, for it is them who have guided me into this wonderful lifestyle & Career where I have met the most amazing people".  
Thank you my furry friends!