~ Make Every Step Count ~

An Animal Massage Therapist must not only know the musculoskeletal anatomy; he/she must also know how it's supposed to look and feel.  By following the body along and across the muscle fibers tells the therapist a story.  How free is the "body suite"?  The fascial (skin) tension and its release is the key to a successful recovery.  In healing from injury the fascia tightens and if it doesn't release, ROM (range of motion) will be limited. 

"Lengthen" before you "Strengthen":  Keeping muscles free from tightness and tension through a series of stretches can greatly enhance your strengthening program.  Day-to-day routines can be a part of one's strengthening program!   Only a few repetitions of a new movement or exercise, when done correctly, will help to build new found strengths.  Depending on the body's weakness/fatigue factor, will vary the exercises performed to re-strengthen and time spent in exercise until proper endurance has been achieved.

Movement Is Key

You can have Movement With & Without

Good Biomechanics!

Poor Biomechanics + Movement  = 


Good Biomechanics + Movement  =



Even if there is no lameness present adding stretches & exercises into your routine can greatly enhance one's future.  These preventive measures can help keep us in the game & out of retirement!  OR  Help to rehab  from a previous injury!    Although a stretch program can benefit each individual, fur or no fur; "Change your Range" can help you to determine what specific exercises would be beneficial for your canine's program that will easily fit into your routine.  There are many perpetuating factors that can be adding to negative muscular resistance: The Owner's/Handler's Influence, Lyme/other tick born Disease (chronic or treated), Nutritional Deficiency, below Strength-to-Growth maintenance curve or Underlying systemic health issue(s).   Erika will work closely with your veterinarian in helping to achieve maximum results in your dog's Maintenance or Recovery Program.  Proper Diet and Nutrition are also important when considering an exercise maintenance program for your pet. 

Muscle vs Fat = Body Mass (weight) and proportions should be clearly understood for each before starting a new diet, for weight loss or weight gain.  Adding exercise alone will allow the body to tone the muscles while burning fat yet, one may actually gain weight in the process! This concept is widely misunderstood and many pets are undergoing weight loss diets when nutritionally they are starving for the energy for strength maintenance alone.  Weight Maintenance is the balance between Muscular Strength and Fat Reserves(Stores) to meet the ideal Weight for one's bone size.