~ Energy Work and Modalities ~ 

Erika McElwey, EqCnTPM, Certified

Kelly Rosado, Reiki, TSRT, Theta I & II Certified

Therapeutic Systematic Realignment Services for Human ~ Horse ~ Hound!

 Kelly is a certified Reiki, T.S.R and Theta practitioner along with heightened intuition. She often combines these modalities to help in the aid and healing of the client no matter the species.

 Erika & Kelly have developed a powerful healing combination!

~The Power of Three~


 The "Power of Three", has always been represented as a union of healing and power. Change your Range now offers these amazing healing sessions using a combination of skills and intuition. Erika & Kelly work individually with the client, then combine their work together to create this healing union.

           ~Erika combines Therapies; Trigger Point Myotherapy(TPM), Myofascial Massage, Cold Laser and Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency(PEMF)         ~Kelly combines Reiki, T.S.R and Theta work~


Erika & Kelly have their own unique healing touch but when these modalities and manual therapeutic skillsets are blended together, the healing process is magnified! "Healing Happens with Ease and Grace".

We are now offering 'Power of Three' sessions by appointment

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