We are excited to have been featured on PAWS Radio with Dr. Randy!Saturday,December 28th 2013, we joined in Topic Discussion about Animal Fitness Health & Wellness.  This was our first ever Radio Show/Interview and we thank Paws RADIO Pet Vet and Dr. Randy for professionally welcoming us.  I enjoyed listening and found the relaxed conversation approach to be much understood with Good Vet Humor. It seems that Dr. Randy and Change your Range value the same approach when addressing the needs of our furry-companions.  It was nice to hear him agree that there should be more attributes among the veterinary wellness side that encompasses more Fitness & Quality Movement Strategies.  

I am glad that we were invited and look forward to following his future discussions.  Please Join Dr. Randy and his Team by Joining  P.A.W.S. Radio Show, America's Integrative Veterinary Radio Program  PAWS, where eastern and western medicine meet. Visit Dr. Randy