Change your Range offers Group Massage Classes for pet owners to work with their own companions!

Virtual Consults and Classes available in the comfort of your Home! 

There are three levels:

Level 1:  The basics of Massage & Benefits:  During this three week session you will learn massage techniques and design a program for you and your dog.  This class will help you to better understand his/her language as they communicate through their body posture and movement.  Learn about your dog's "body suit" and how loose it should be, even if he/she doesn't wear clothes!  The instructor/therapist will help you with your own dog on how to best handle the techniques for each individual.  This class will be enjoyable for all as you will get to know your dog in a new way.

Price for this 3-week, 1-hour class sessions, is $90.00 

Level 2:  Strengthening Exercises:  Keep in shape without going outdoors!  Includes Physioball, Balance Board & Other Strengthening Activities to help maintain a well rounded dog.  Level 1 is a prerequisite for this class as we don't want to be asking for strength building if your dog is unable to perform movements correctly.  As Level 1, this class is a three week session and will demonstrate the uses of a physioball & balance board as well teach exercise patterns that will help to gain muscular strength and control.  The more control and quality performance your dog has for each exercise series, the more he/she will benefit. 

Price for this 3-week, 1-hour class sessions, is $90.00 

Level 3Critiquing Obstacles/Cross Training Programs:  If your dog is competing in agility, obedience, field trials or athletic sports then this is the class for you!  In this class we will be Critiquing Individual Movement Patterns, Jump Style & Contact Release.  Learn, best how to complete contact obstacles, learn stretches and exercises to maximize performance. 

There is no prerequisite for this class, however you will be at an advantage if you have already taken Level 1& 2.  We will tailor a cross training program individualized for your dog's maximum benefit.  Unlike Level 1 & 2, this class is a one-time session only and space is limited to only 5 participants. 

Price for this 2-hour class is $75.00

Level 1  - Next Group Session Starting January 2014 / Virtual Classes can be scheduled anytime!  

Level 2 -  Next Group Session TBA / Virtual Classes can be scheduled anytime!

Level 3 - TBA

Email or Call, sign up Today!  There is a $10 Non-refundable Deposit needed to hold your space.  Space is limited so we encourage you to sign up as early as possible.  If the day and time is not convenient please let us know your interest and we will gladly find time to accommodate you or your group...Remember group rates apply is scheduled in your home .

413-887-1773 Erika

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for inquiring!

**If interested in hosting your own K-9 massage party in your own home, maximum 4 dogs... Group Rates will apply!**