Change your Range Canine Gym & Specialty Services, is welcoming NEW members at our Pack & Online too!    

We welcome you to bring your canine companion, working dog, service dog or your neighbors dog to come and Bark with us!

Dog Day Care Programs: 

Pup-Up Program -Meeting the needs of your growing pup ensuring that he/she is moving forward with balance and symmetry. 

Endurance for the Canine Athlete -Maintain his/her performance quality without losing training time.

Senior Dog Days -Appropriate exercise for better health maintenance.

Rehabilitation Services for Muscular/Skeletal or Neurologic Injury and Post-Op Recovery meet the therapeutic goals necessary for a full recovery. 

Canine Gym & Recreation use of all the strengthening & workout equipment by appointment only - perfect your runs outside of your regular training classes.   

Educational Seminars classes that will help you get to know or better understand your canine companion! Next Class TBD

Change your Range invites you and your canine to learn more about our specialty services.  "Erika has a great way with dogs and has designed some exercise programs that can help keep dogs in shape. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with the community," Leslie Grinnell, owner of Eddies Wheels for Pets, Shelburne Falls MA.   

Ask about our Police K-9; Search and Rescue K-9; Veteran K-9 & Service K-9 Programs - Lets not forget those furry-four-leggeds who work hard for us and our communities! *Discounts Available...

  Join us today, Get a K-9 Coach in your corner, We look forward to meeting you!   We have Affordable Options for your Pooch from the Pup & Up!