Day Care Services

We offer Specialized Canine Day Care Programs - from The Pup~Up!

Our mission at Change your Range is to "make every step count" while providing the utmost in quality pet care and activities. As a part of our Canine~Gym we integrate strengthening exercises into our play time. Your dog will enjoy the benefits of our exercise equipment, develop good mannerisms and socialization skills while exercising in our indoor and outdoor play areas.  

Hound Harmony Passes:  The more regularly that your hound is at Day Care, the more harmony there is (at our facility and in your home!)  Maximize the harmony by pre-paying for a Hound Harmony Pass.

There are NO REFUNDS!: 

Passes are good for one month based on the following fee schedule.

 4-5 days a week @ $25/day; purchase a 16-20 day pass SAVE $5/day            

2-3 days a week @ $30/day; purchase a 8-12 day pass SAVE 10%                  

1 day a week @ $35/day

Please note that passes are good only for the days originally specified upon purchase and will only be extended in the event of dog illness or injury.

Drop Off & Pick Up your dog according to your schedule between the hours of 7am-6pm.  **Arrangements can be made for earlier or later times if needed.   

Thank you for inquiring about our services. We look forward to having your dog come and bark with us! 

Please call 413-887-1773 or email us