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Natural Flea/Tick Collar

How EnviroCollar Works
Essential Oils - Nature's Insect Repellent
EnviroCollar uses essential oils to provide protection against fleas and ticks.  Essential oils are highly concentrated forms of the aromatic oils found in plants.  In nature, plants use these oils for defense against insects, fungi and bacteria.  Humans have used these extracts for more than 5000 years in a myriad of natural health applications.
Repels & Soothes
EnviroCollar includes two powerful, distilled essential oils that, when combined, safely repel fleas and ticks, while soothing irritated itchy skin.
  • Texas Cedarwood Oil (Juniperus Mexicana Scheide)
Texas Cedarwood Oil, the essential oil of the Texas Cedar tree has a pleasant balsamic, woody and clean aroma.  It contains high concentrations of the naturally occurring sesquiterpenes cedrol, thujopsene, widdrol and alpha and beta cedrene.  These substances repel fleas and ticks while reducing inflammation and easing nervous tension.
  • Rose Geranium Oil (Pelargonium graveolens)
Rose Geranium is an uncommon species of Geranium native to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Rose Geranium oil itself has a crisp, sweet smell and has repellent and biocidal action against fleas and ticks.  It also also suppresses allergic and inflammatory responses associated with flea and tick bites.  In EnviroCollar, we use  Rose Geranium primarily as a repellent and soothing agent.
The Secret to True 30+ Days of Effectiveness
Essential Oils - the only potent yet natural defense against fleas & ticks - evaporate quickly in the air.  EnviroCollar uses a special nanoemulsion manufacturing process that embeds essential oils in a polymer matrix.  This technique provides slow and even evaporation that provides protection for 30+ days, depending on environment and insect density.